• "My name is Raphaël Algieri, I am 23 years old and I am the creative director of ALGIERI PARIS. I launched my brand in 2022 following my training in model design at LISAA Mode Paris.
    I wanted to create a brand based on ethical, responsible and transparent values. Originally, my passion for fashion comes from drawing. I have always known myself with a pencil in my hand. I drew a lot of fashion sketches in my corner because I was very shy at the time and that allowed me, among other things, to put myself in my bubble. Growing up, I realized that what I did as a child was ultimately an effective tool for me to communicate with others.
    Fashion, as physical clothing, is naturally an extension of what I was designing; it became the realization of the ideas I had in my head. She and I have never been apart since."
"My inspirations come from lots of different sources. It all depends on what I'm experiencing at the time of creation, the story I want to tell or even the encounters I can make. I can very well take inspiration from a film I saw, from a tech party I went to the weekend before, from a plastic artist who fascinates me at the moment, from a quote that resonates in my head - it's quite diverse. I often have a very specific idea of ​​the emotion I want to convey with my collections. For me, it's not just about the clothes, but also about the whole story which is built around: the associated music, the style of photography, the gait, the decor, etc. I spend hours with my headphones, when I walk in the street, inventing and reimagining the millions of scenarios that I could to tell about."
My universe is a mixture. A mix between the beautiful and the strange. The exciting and the scary. Between fetishism and memory. "